WIX Review

In this thorough Wix-review I will show working principles of the platform that is considered to be one of the most famous in its area. 

After reading this article you will realize all platform’s pros and cons and by the end of this review you have an opportunity to decide whether Wix is the right instrument for your following project.

And remember, we need feedback from those who use Wix and can share their impressions from using the platform. Your queries and comments are welcome, so feel free to share your opinion at the end.  

Our overall rating: 3.5/5

What issues will be discussed?

  • What is Wix?
  • Are there necessary for me tools in this platform?
  • Can I use Wix for free?
  • What about using Wix on smartphones?
  • Is Wix the right fit for eCommerce?

Let’s view the following article to find out the answers and other important information.

1. What is Wix?

Wix is created for those who cannot code and need to build their own website. The platform is cloud-based, its tools give an opportunity to choose proper structure and design of your future project.  

Wix was released in Israel in 2006, quickly grew to the size of huge website building corporation, that can tease the amount of users (1000 million) and employees (1800). Though Head Office is situated in its hometown, Wix has branches in other countries like Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, Lithuania and others.   

According to the information from BuiltWith and Wikipedia, Wix has impressive rates. For comparison, the amount of workers in Jimdo is only 200, while the number of users comes to 400.000. The situation with Squarespace is not very different: there are 800 workers and 1,7 million users.

Long-term security tools in great numbers are able to protect from organisation folding and losing of your site afterwards. This safety proves that you can use the platform as the main one and count on constant feature updates perspectively. 

Can Wix provide access to all necessary form me tools for website building?

Simple and intuitive interface with practical drag-and-drop options gives users an opportunity to create their projects easily. 

Its main aims are:

  • blogging;
  • appointment booking;
  • hosting an online forum;
  • making platform for selling different goods online;
  • collecting contact data.

The list goes on and on. But some services here are fo fee, that’s how we come to the next section. 

2. Pricing – is using Wix a free option?

In general the platform provides 9 Wix plans, one of which is available for free, 8 others should be paid for. 

If you are looking for access to the Internet instruments for an interim period and with minimal effort, you should be interested in the free plan

That will do for events like wedding or anniversaries, or for a simple garage sale. But more serious projects need premium plan with advanced options for fee. This variant increases opportunities: users get own domains, receive payment online and get external mailbox.   

Storage is limited – on its characteristics depends the amount of hosted content. Bandwidth (number of people who have access to it) is controlled too.  

Tools from cheap plans and free hosting are included into all other plans.

Free Wix plan

Its opportunities enable all 500 Wix templates and mentioned above free hosting. Images, icons and cliparts are ready for work, you can also try out Wix app market, in which can be found apps both paid and for free.      

According to the conditions of the free plan, you are provided by 500MB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth. This amount is big enough for a decent project. Usage of the free plan allows to gain all the benefits here and not to give any credit card details. You can evaluate it here yourself.  

Combo plan ($13/month)  

This product provides advertising-free design of your website. The Wix call-to-action brand from the top of your page will be removed. 

The other advantage of the plan is an opportunity to realize the domain connection to your website. Registration for is is free and you pay for using only after one year of testing. 

As for the storage and bandwidth – their amount will be 3GB and 2GB accordingly. 

Another option allows to add videos with whole length up to 30 minutes. Sure, you can use different social platforms for this purpose, which facilities allow to share it easily. But still this addition could be used. 

Unlimited plan ($17/month) 

The filling of this product is very similar to the previous one, but the difference is in $300 of “Ad Vouchers”. This sum can cover advertising expenses for Adwords, Google and others. But such an opportunity is a rather common practice that can be met on many other platforms. 

The booster and analytics apps will be enabled. They are an AppSharp third party app for submitting website to search engines and another one for measuring your traffic.

Storage here increases up to 10GB, videos can be as long as 1 hour, bandwidth becomes unlimited.  

Pro plan ($22/month)

The storage and bandwidth go increased, users also estimate logo making tool, start customizing social icons and create event listing with the help of convenient calendar tool. 

Vip plan ($39/month)

This product is not very different from the previous one, but support’s work will be much stronger. Though it’s quite a strange practice to propose for extra $17 and only for VIP customers options, which should be provided by default and be standard. 

Business Basic ($23/month)

Here we start listing products with e-commerce facilities. This one is the cheapest, its filling looks like conditions from “Unlimited” plan. But the storage here is twice bigger (20 GB) and video hours come to 5. Another convenient option is Google Analytics connecting. Don’t you agree, that the variant is one of the most profitable ones: it has commerce facilities, lots of additional features and is rather affordable at the same time. 

Business Unlimited ($27/month)

The opportunities given by this product are common with the previous plan, but here appears access to social icon and logo making tools. The storage generously comes to 35GB, while the video hours are increased to 10. 

Business VIP ($35/month)

All the previous features are saved, but storage becomes as big as 50GB, as for the video hours – they become unlimited. And, like in situations with non-commercial plans, VIP customers are allowed to get priority support as well. 

Enterprise ($500/month)

A rather expensive version has its own advantages. First of all – it gives all features from “VIP”, but lots of additional options also appear. They are hand-holding and mostly used after finishing the project. Users try out services like getting advices on design and code issues from platform’s experts. The are also welcome to a VIP support line and get avail from security audits also. 

Domain name registration

You can choose one of two options: register a new domain using Wix tools or use your own one, that was already created. 

If you decide to create a new one – the platform allows to get 1-year free registration voucher if to use Wix paid-for plans.

After changing the pricing they become competitive with www.name.com, it’s also available to transfer the domain away from the site if needed. 

It’s reasonable to register a new domain via Wix when you are going to use the platform for your whole project. But there is one difficulty – you just risk everything at the same time. If you can’t go on working on Wix for any reasons, your loss is not only the website, but the created domain name too. 


As for this options, customers don’t have a variety to choose from. Like on other building platforms like Squarespace or Shopify, you can only take “free” hosting from Wix. 

As developers state, its constant uptime is 99.8%, the result is acceptable. As for the servers location – they are situated “all over the world”. But this is not a strong side for those who wants to choose servers which belong only to one country. For example – according to privacy concerns of one website tts servers should be in Europe, while the other territory should be avoided.


Another proposal for customers is to buy provided via G Suite mailboxes using the WIX platform for this purpose. Another option is to configure the DNS of your Wix domain in order to use your own email solution of choice. 

Good news is that you can use an existing mailbox, if you have one, with a Wix-purchased domain. Your task is to save your email provider’s configurations by screening and send it to the Wix support. Then the platform will perform your setup.

When you decide to buy provided by Wix accounts, it will cost you $6 a month per each mailbox. Annual payment is also encouraged with profitable deals. Here for customers are available 30GB of inbox and convenient cloud storage space. And attention: external mailboxes cannot go with any free plans. 

3. Wix Templates

For your projects can be opted different templates, their variety is over 500. If to remember, that Squarespace provides only 100, this platform seems to have a reasonable advantage. Besides, these products here are for free, while websites like Shopify and Bigcommerce give them only for money.

The quality of templates is rather high: they don’t seem to be self-done and include modern design solutions. It’s also easy to create proper combinations of professional photographs, fonts and spacing. Users easily find the product that fits their project best.  

One of useful options for creative people who are looking for something extraordinary is a huge library of pictures which are made by professional photographers and can be used for free. Connection of the platform’s editor with Shutterstock allows to get its content right through Wix. 

To make the navigation easier developers decided to divide library into several parts according to the categories. So you don’t have to look through all of them, just choose the necessary category. Sometimes it is so wide, that after choosing the category users look for different options inside it too. If you are looking for musical images, they will be sorted on categories like bands, DJs or just singers. 

If to remember practice with Jimdo’s – its templates are provided only with four categories, while their filling isn’t so satisfactory. That’s why Wix has a definite strong side here. 

Talking again about intuitive interface, we can’t keep quiet that the platform provides clear instructions for working. They come in text and illustration format, you can easily create your project using samples and advises of what and how to do.

But such a good option still has a weak point. Big variety of templates means that you can choose only one, which will stay then. When you decide to move it, the content will be lost together with your work of creating the website. Here the platform definitely loses in comparison with her competitors – other big building websites allow to change templates easily without any harm to the content.    


Well-thought-out system allows to use interactive tools for adding parallax scrolling, backgrounds and animations to your project. But when the website runs on the mobile platform, it immediately turns off all features that can interfere with good performance process. 

But if you don’t need these options so much, remember that it’s not obviously. On the contrary, if your project has no difficult animation, customers can get website with no usability problems. 

4. Interface and Content Management

There are three variants for users to create their website:

  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) – first;
  • Wix Editor – second;
  • Wix Code – third.


A convenient option for beginners. You just answer the easy system’s questions which are basic and reflect your business’s position. Anyone can try out the option, you just use drag and drop and the platform creates ready pages itself.  

Wix Editor

Users here have knowledges of working with computers, though they are not very deep. The difficulty is the same as if you would be working with common Office programs. You can change the layout by using different tools, but still you don’t get access to a fully-fledged HTML/CSS solution.  

Wix Code

Product for advanced users allows to work with database collections. The advantage is that you can make your own spreadsheet with defined parameters. Through this option plenty of pages can be created according to the current template. By using APIs Application Program Interfaces your abilities may include adding javascript and custom page behaviors. 

The last option is Wix Code which can be in use when you decide to stop doing this work yourself and accept the assistance of web developer down the line. 

Can Wix be named a mobile-friendly platform?

The amount of mobile users rapidly increases, so proper performance on their platforms means a lot. 

Developers state that Wix ir really suitable for these purposes and projects will look good both on mobile or desktop platforms. 

But if to look deeper, this statement is a bit controversial. The problem is in absolute positioning used on the platform. It’s convenient because you can position web elements by pixel, but this practice doesn’t reflect good on adapting processes if the screen’s size changes.    

Most competitors like Shopify prefer more suitable responsive design where the elements are smartly situated in positions that can automatically change to provide comfortable usage of your project on any devices. This design is also recommended by Google

The common problem of “Pixel perfect” layouts is that the person who sees the project the best is just the designer, while others see different changes. Sometimes several pages can be even gone from the screen.  

To solve this problem Wix allows to check the “mobile view” and re-work places with difficulties. 

Still, absolute design is not the best option for the mobiles. 

Can I change providers or see my website’s code?

It’s impossible to make any changes when your Wix versions are ADI or Editor.

If your aim is to export the site – use the content from CMS, though it will be not quick for large projects. 

5. E-commerce functionality

Goes with plans from Business Basic and upper. 

The platform provides everything for those who decide to start selling for the first time. Process is extremely quick – you just fill in the data and choose proper payment options.

Core e-commerce functionality

Though many opportunities are for the US, still the range of e-commerce features is impressive.

  • number of products for sale is unlimited;
  • tracking information is available;
  • users sort products by filters;
  • store can be managed with app.

Users can start selling in an hour time. 

As for taxes – you choose the proper region bases to support VAT MOSS for selling to Europe. When the region is chosen, rates can be calculated automatically. 

However, there are also some difficulties here:

The option is to add apps like Ecwid or  Shopify, which run well together with Wix store. Their features are stronger and limitations are gone.

Payment gateways and fees of transactions

Lots of getaway systems are available, convenient ones are chosen according to the location – Paypal, Stripe etc. Unfortunately, Bigcommerce or Shopify show more profitable offers. 

But this platform doesn’t take transaction fees. Still, Wix will go for small projects only, while more professional platforms will be Shopify or Bigcommerce.

6. Integration with other apps

The App Market on this platform has more than 300 products, many of them are made by Wix. Prices are not set on the prominently, you need some time to find them. For many apps you should have monthly subscription or some features will be closed. 

The interface of the market is clear, its available features help to create online chat or other useful additions. 

If this way seems to be too long, necessary functions could be added through HTML block.

7. Data capture

Users can connect with you through provided by Wix forms. 

If you need advanced options in this direction, try FormBuilder app that can not only capture contact data, but also to add it to the “contact list”, where you can also import data here or add it manually. 

Distinctive feature of Wix is email marketing which is built in. Through ‘ShoutOut’ function you start mailing your subscribers, but the amount per month cannot be more than 5000. For the next ones you have to pay, there are several options to choose from.

  • Basic ShoutOut.
  • Business Essential.
  • Pro Unlimited.

Through the HTML block you can connect o any external mail provider like GetResponseCampaign MonitorMailChimp or AWeber. But, unfortunately, the functions of ShoutOut are still rather limited. If your needs are simple – that will do, but with more serious purposes you should better choose some other kinds of email marketing, and about the reviews you can read here.

8. Search Engine Optimization and analytics


As for functions – this platform is satisfactory and gives opportunities to work with key SEO tasks like:

  • add alt text and meta description;
  • create 301 redirects;
  • edit page URLs. 

Advanced option is ‘SEO Wiz’ tool which controls all your SEO data throughout the page and marks the places that should be changed, providing clear explanation by the way.

When using premium plan, you can use Google Search Console for your website’s registration.The limitation here is the absence of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which could accelerate pages loading and improve SEO.

Analytics and conversion tracking

Users have access to Wix analytics tools for several purposes:

  • Google AdWords;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Google Tag Manager;
  • Verification Code;
  • Yandex Metrica;
  • Facebook Pixel.

So you may add code to your site or try out Google tag manager. 

9. Wix and GDPR

NOTE: this suggestion is for information only. 

EU’s GDPR laws slightly complicate the situation for website owners. They have to protect properly visitor’s privacy, and if not, there are strict penalties. So there are several advices to work legal:

  • provide privacy and cookie notices;
  • care about data security;
  • let visitors regulate whether to use cookies or not. 

The last one is rather difficult – you should provide a constant cookie banner. Third-party tool CookiePro can help enough after installing on your site. And it should be mentioned that GDPR laws refer not only Wix, but also other platforms of this kind.     

10. Support

A great deal makes Wix’s Help Centre, where articles on common topics can be found easily. Contextual help while working also matters. After searching through the centre and realizing, that some information cannot be found, you press “No” at the bottom and connect to the support. Live chat is missing, but the support is available via phone or email. By the way, phone calls are not available on many other platforms. Phone support works in English 24/7, other languages are provided in office hours. You just request a callback and start to discuss your problem in 5 minutes.     

Email tickets are not so quick, my experience showed that the answer came back only the next business day. VIP support certainly works much quicker.

Wix review conclusions

Platform with wide variety of functions is definitely so worthy. You project can be a blog, a gallery of pictures, an online store or have any other format. 

Though new websites usually cost a lot, here you can create a good project for an affordable price and for a short period of time. 

Usage of platform’s tool is simple, technical terms go only with clear explanation. 

Wix Pros

  • intuitive interface with convenient tools;
  • affordable pricing;
  • large photo library;
  • phone support;
  • plenty of  templates sorted on categories;
  • app store with lots of necessary tools;
  • free trial available.

Wix Cons

  • templates can’t be changed without losing content;
  • website data can’t be exported;
  • there are problems with displaying on some mobile devices;
  • AMP format can’t be supported properly;
  • different ‘extras’ increase the total price;
  • email marketing is rather weak;
  • GDPR cookie consent banner goes with CookiePro only; 
  • premium support is for fee.

Free trial of Wix

Rather profitable proposition allows to test the system for free and decide whether to go on and stay here.

Alternatives to Wix

If your purpose is to create a large content-driven site, variants like Squarespace and Jimdo will go.  

For online selling n Bigcommerce or Shopify fit better. 

WordPress can also serve for all the aims.